Coconut Dark chocolate Fudge

Coconut Dark chocolate Fudge


1.   Easy Non Raw Version

1 can of extra thick coconut cream (I use trader Joes 13.5 oz), ½ cup of sugar (I like to use coconut Sugar), ¼ coconut oil, 2 (12 oz) packages of semisweet chocolate chips.

Place coconut cream, coconut oil and sugar in Sauce pan and simmer over medium heat. Take of the burner and add in chocolate chips and stir until everything is melted. Use an electric blender on med high for 3 min to mix it all up.  Pour in pan (line with parchment paper or aluminum foil for easy removal of fudge) and sprinkle with toasted coconut flakes. Refrigerate until firm or at least for 8 hours and cut into 36 small pieces (mine are big pieces so it’s more like 18)

2.   Healthiest Raw Version

I am passionate to make desert as healthy as I can make them without losing the amazing taste,  So instead of using the chocolate chips, I melt raw cacao butter and mix it with raw cacao powder and raw agave and vanilla extract or powder.  I think the fudge  tastier and much higher in antioxidants…

Peanut or Almond Butter Variation

Add a layer of Peanut butter or almond butter between the fudge

I used peanut butter, raw cashews, and raw honey and a little of water and made it creamy in Vitamix.