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Can Honey help prevent and heal cancer?

Can Honey help prevent and heal cancer?

how healthy is the honey you are eating? I love honey but have been limiting it because of information online saying how honey is just another sugar which we know is not very healthy and caused many diseases so common now in the USA.  Maybe this is true for most of the processed heated honey but here is some new research indication that honey really is a great food!

This is what researcher found out about honey:  “Honey is highly cytotoxic (causes cell death) against tumor or cancer cells while it is non-cytotoxic to normal cells. The data indicate that honey can inhibit carcinogenesis by modulating the molecular processes of initiation, promotion, and progression stages. Thus, it may serve as a potential and promising anticancer agent which warrants further experimental and clinical studies.”

If you are interested in learning about many more benefits of honey such as MRSA treatment with Manuka honey, improvements of blood lipids, skin infections, dermatitis, coughing, periodontal disease,  etc. check this link:

I will for sure use honey instead of regular sugar or Agave syrup.  It is important to buy good quality honey such as Manuka  honey or any local RAW honey which has not been heated and processed. Enjoy the treat and remember everything in moderation.


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