Weight Loss

 Weight Loss

To be healthy and fit, feel young, and to have lots of energy is a lifelong commitment and a lifestyle.

Nutrition, the correct exercise program, management of stress, and relaxation are all part of that equation.  I have worked with many people who wanted to have more energy, become healthier, and/or lose weight.
Eating the right food for your metabolic type, doing the correct exercise program, and staying motivated and inspired are essential to staying healthy and fit.
One does not have to run for hours to lose weight.  A higher intensity short work out can be more effective for weight loss and can result in a more youthful appearance than long hours of low intensity exercise.
I put together a individualized Krieger Fit Program which focuses on ones lifestyle which is a long term change of food choices and a very effective, safe and healthy exercise.
Carl’s transformation: 
Carl came to me with the goal to loose about 30 lbs and to gain at least 5 lbs of muscle. Carl was 66 years old at that time and is on medication for cholesterol. We determined that Carl is a Protein Type and we put him on the RIGHT diet for Him which is a Low Carbohydrate Diet. He also started an exercise program where he does intense Circuit training twice a week with Sabine and at least once a week short interval training and a heavy lifting day in the Gym in order to increase his natural production of Growth hormone which will get him leaner and stronger.

100_9655 100_9853

Carl at 208 lbs and 170 lbs.  He lost 40 lbs of fat, dropped his cholesterol and loves to participate in run and mud runs now!

Michael started with me January 21st. 2013.  Michael was 215 pounds, had a 44 inch waist (measured at widest circumference), his diet was that of a typical American diet, too much food, too many Carbohydrates, the wrong fats and he was not exercising enough. Through testing we found out that he is a Mixed Metabolic Type and that he was sensitive to Milk and any milk proteins like whey and casein and eggs.  We changed his  diet and started an exercise program where he trained 30 to 45 min at least 3 times a week.

Michael Before IMAG1735

Michael at 215 lbs and 181 lbs. He got fit in less than 4 months!

Tim’s weight  loss of 45 lbs in 4 months

Tim started with me beginning of April 2015.  Tim was 215 pounds and he was just not feeling very good all over. His diet was not really bad but for sure too many Carbohydrates, the wrong fats and he was not exercising enough. In the first session we came up with a diet plan and I provided him with some healthy and good tasting recipes to get started on his new diet. We only met once a week for a hard 30 minutes exercise session, work out plan for the week which was mainly hiking on weekends, weigh in, and going over his diet. Within 4 months (by July 7th) Tim reached his goal of 170 lbs.  Great job Tim! 45 lbs in 4 months!

What is the Ripple Effect and what does it have to do with inspiration?
People in New York did not recognized Michael when they saw his transformation. Michael was 40 lbs lighter, looked  vibrant, healthy and energetic, Michael could not stop talking about how his new healthy lifestyle that has transformed his life. Also juice manufactures were making more business because of Michael… at least 9 people bought juicers in New York because Michael could not stop talking about how great he felt with juicing.
Hector, a colleague of Michael, saw him at work and could not believe the change:  “Mr. Michael is that you?”  were his words when he saw him at the door after a few months. Hector was so inspired by the new vibrant Michael.
This is Hector before and after. He lost over 90 lbs in less than 6 months by eating healthier, making smoothies and juices as part of his life and exercising more. Hector and his family are so grateful for Michael and Sabine for getting him inspired in a new found life.

hector weight loss (2)


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